Music Meditation



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Introduction to DanNie Piano Improvisations

Sounds can be transformed into visual imaginations.  That’s what Artist Daniel Nie is trying to achieve.   He uses piano keys as his "paint brush" to draw imaginary "pictures". After adding special effects and twists using computer software, he is able to bring his audience into a visual state of music medication – a form of musical therapy.  


With his extensive training in visual arts, Daniel Nie understands that music and visual arts have very similar impact on our emotions.


In his recent music creation: Human Nature (Part I and II), Nie portrayed a scenery of dynamic nature in "Deer In the Woods" and an anxious atmosphere of the city in the "Challenge".  When  listening these 2 pieces, you will experience  strong mental pictures that the music tries to convey or elicit. 

Nie delivers his music with an innocent manner, as he puts it: "I played these pieces the same way as I was playing piano at age four."

We hope you will find DanNie's music pieces, creative, philosophical, and probably familiar sometimes. Please enjoy the music meditation. Carpe diem.